Friday, August 6, 2010

No.9 Hello Times Square!

What happened when the biggest Forever 21 on the East Coast is opened in Times Square? A municipal landmark! The newly opened store attracts seven times as many visitors as the Statue of Liberty. It was opened last month, but I didn't have the chance to go until yesterday. It's about 90,000 square feet and four levels high, the most exciting thing is, it is open until 2 am! I mean, it is in fact located at the tourist center of the city that never sleeps. When I walked in, the only sound that came out of my mouth was 'Woah!' I felt like a little girl walking into a Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, roaming through all the Oompa loompa, and all I saw was clothes, clothes, and more clothes! If you are going to Manhattan any time soon, and you are a F21 lover, then you should definitely go and feel the insanity!

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  1. omg that is intense!! But awesome!
    I feel bad for the employees there ... :/

    thanks for visiting my lil blog :]]! & for the goodluck wish!