Monday, August 2, 2010

No.5 Time is never enough

Can you believe that its August already?! I was going through my planner this morning, and could not believe that two out of three months of my precious summer had passed. As I was eating honey nut cheerios(my fav cereal) and recalling, a question popped out: Why are there always so many things I want to do and all I have is such little time? The reality is, time is never enough.

Since I still have another month until the school starts, I might as well make it productive. I will try to blog everyday about my outfits, inspiring designs, fashion, photography, food, and basically anything that I feel like sharing. So far, I'm still a noob at this and it took me an hour just to figure out the functions of the sidebar. Oh well, but I'm having lots of fun being exposed to the world of bloggers. I have tons of photos saved in my laptop and numerous ideas boiling in my head, and I can not wait to share them to ya'll!

My hippie kind of look for today

strapless dress, Urban Outfitters
white vest, Vintage
belt, Aldo
necklace, Forever 21
brown leather bag, Topshop

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  1. that crochet looks so cute and i love how you belted it!