Sunday, August 29, 2010

No.27 long time

Sorry for the lack of post. I've been MIA because school started yesterday and it took me a long time to hook up with the internet. I kind of over packed, so it took me two cars to bring all my stuff to my dorm and four hours to unpack. I mean.. all those clothes and shoes and food and rice cooker and the teddy bear and *&^&^$%#^$E, they'r all sentimental and essential things in my life haha. Remember I said I went on a trip to New Jersey and Philadelphia with my cousins? Here are the photos. My cousin is obsessed with the show "Man vs. Food" on Travel Channel and insist to go to those places for ultimate food challenge. From 18" stromboli to vanilla icecream mountain, I call this the Hypotonic Stomach Plus 10 Pounds Trip.

DSC08825JPG_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08764editjpg_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08777JPG_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08795JPG_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08750JPG_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08814JPG_effected-004.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08846JPG_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08839JPG_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08871JPG_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08855JPG_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

DSC08858JPG_effected.png picture by chocoucrizz

I'm back to the internet world, so I'll be blogging everyday again. Yay!


  1. Great pictures!!

  2. really cool pictures especially the one when you jumped. :D
    good to hear that you're move is going fine. :D

  3. Yea! Great pictures! Wt kind of camera did you use? I love the colours

  4. great pictures!!
    and i love your blog and i'm following you. so if you like my blog you can follow me too!

  5. Gorgeous outfit!