Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No.8 wonder, oh i wonder

Have you ever sit on the grass by yourself and just look up into the dark sky, counting the stars while the the cool breeze kisses your skin? Well I had. Staring into the vast darkness sometimes makes me wonder why everything exists, and why was I born a human being, but not a sea turtle. I say hi to the beautiful creatures living out there, in the universe, through the galaxy, and on those seven other planets. I question how our minds and our cells in our body work, and how could the scientists be so sure what they discovered was right? After all, the accuracy is 99.9%. I would feel so tiny and so powerless. We, lives standing on the soil due to gravity, are all the same under the eye of the dark night sky.

And you, another breathing heart reading my blog right now, do you feel the same way? If not, what usually passes through your head?

-Dress, Forever 21
- Sandals, Vintage


  1. Lovely outfit!! Your sandals are so cute with the dress! I walk on the beach and sometimes I wonder how vast the ocean looks and feel small and sad but then I always feel optimstic after that! xoxoxoxoxoo

  2. I loooooove your sandals!